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The Struggle…

Of finding cool people to smoke weed with and have conversations about how awesome the universe is.

Heyy i was wondering if you could help me out a bit. I just moved to colorado and i know absolutely no one and i havent smoked in a while. Im not of the legal age to buy marijuana. Basically i dont freaking know how to get any weed.
by Anonymous

Unfortunately, I live up north in Canada so I’m not exactly sure how the market works in colorado but I did hear that people sell off of craigslist, try and find someone on there that doesn’t ask for ID? If your still in school, make friends and ask around, it should be really easy to find.

I'm thinking of smoking marijuana for the first time, do you have any advice for me? How do I know who to buy it from and whether it is a reliable source or not? Thanks :)
by Anonymous

1. Be in a safe environment- don’t smoke in a public place or somewhere unsettling for your first couple of times, you need to learn how you react to cannabis first before you try anything like that

2.  Don’t over do it - Don’t try to outsmoke Snoop Dogg on your first day, take it slow. I wouldn’t recommend a bong for your first time, a joint or a pipe would be better. Bongs tend to hit you in the face harder and personally tend to make me anti-social (not that I don’t like bongs, there still awesome). Stay away from edibles or only eat small amounts of it because they can really give you a bad buzz if you don’t know what your getting into. Oil, wax and concentrates should only be tried once you have a firm grasp on how cannabis affects you.

3. Smoke with an experienced person - Try it with someone you trust who has tried it before. This will help you get through anything you find weird.

Quality -  Look at some of the budshots that have been posted on my blog or around tumblr. Crystals and tricomes (look up what these are) are good, the more the stronger the weed is (usually). You must always be on the lookout for mold, look for some pictures of mouldy bud so you know what to watch out for. 

Prices are different depending on where you are in the world so use google to find out how much you should be paying.

Finally, enjoy it. Cannabis is meant to be used to relax and have fun so don’t stress about it too much!